Publication Ethics

Authors are requested to observe the following publication ethics:

(1) Manuscripts submitted to JSLTE should not be under review by another journal. 

(2) Submission of a manuscript implies that, if accepted, it will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in the expanded form, and in the shortened form in English or in any other language in print or online without the written consent of JSLTE.

(3) JSLTE will not accept papers published in other journals in expanded or shorter versions. This includes manuscripts published in the shorted form in conference proceedings.

(4) Authors must ensure that there is no instance of plagiarism, including self-plagiarism, in the text. Authors failing to observe this ethical consideration will be blocked from further submission to JSLTE.

(5) Authors are requested to disclose any conflict of interest with other people or organizations.

(6) New co-authors cannot be added after a manuscript is accepted. Changes in authors’ affiliations and biodata are acceptable.

(7) The corresponding author is responsible for the validity of the data and originality of the manuscript.

(8) The corresponding author must gain the co-authors’ permission on the submission of the manuscript. Manuscript submission by the corresponding author implies that the co-authors have confirmed the manuscript content and their status as co-authors.

(9) As JSLTE adopts a blind review system, authors should ensure that self-citation by referring to “I” and “we” is avoided in the manuscript.